Purchasing Division Responsibilities

Purchasing is a division of the City’s Finance Department, whose primary responsibility is to coordinate the acquisition of goods and services that are essential to city-wide operations. To fulfill this obligation, the Purchasing Division works in conjunction with the city departments to implement the best method of procurement.

The City Purchasing Division plays a crucial role in ensuring that the city government acquires goods and services efficiently, economically, and in accordance with the highest ethical standards. By effectively managing procurement, the division contributes to the city's overall effectiveness and transparency in its operations.


The Purchasing Division’s goal is to provide excellent professional procurement services to city departments to facilitate the completion of their departmental missions. By utilizing technology and sound business processes the division strives to bring the greatest value and service to the City of Fort Pierce by providing safeguards to sustain procurements with integrity, fairness, competition, and community inclusion, in a manner consistent with State of Florida Statutes, the City’s Code of Ordinances, and Procurement Code.

Online Vendor Registration 

The Purchasing Division maintains a qualified list of vendors. A vendor registration application can be completed online. The city requires each vendor to submit a Taxpayer Identification form (W-9 Form) as a part of the Vendor Registration Package.

Current Solicitations

The City of Fort Pierce utilizes electronic online services for the notification and distribution of its solicitation documents. Solicitations can be obtained by subscribing to Demandstar by Onvia, or by calling directly, 800-711-1712, with your request. Also, Businesses who have subscribed to Demandstar by Onvia are notified via email of solicitation.

Solicitations/Projects are also posted on our website to download solicitation documents. Subscribe via our Notify Me Module, select the “Bid Postings” option, and you will receive an email and/or text message telling you that a solicitation has been issued.