Garbage & Recycling Rates

Residential Garbage Rates

  • The standard monthly residential fee for Solid Waste pick-up is currently $25.46 and $3.58 for recycling. It is billed by Fort Pierce Utilities Authority (FPUA) on our customer's monthly utility bill.
  • Cost for an additional container: Garbage Can $18.33, Yard Debris Can $7.13 per month.
  • Multifamily Rate is $22.98 per month. Where a mechanical dumpster is used the rates shall be the same as those below under commercial dumpsters.

Commercial Garbage Rates for Dumpsters 

Compactors shall be charged (3.5) times the applicable rate shown in the table. Services are billed monthly.

Services Per Week2 Cubic Yards4 Cubic Yards6 Cubic Yards8 Cubic Yards

Special Services 

  • There will be an additional monthly charge of $25.00 per service for the opening and closing of enclosure doors. Trash left outside the container will not be collected. Please ensure that the dumpster is completely accessible on service days.
  • Monthly rate to roll out a residential dumpster is $50.00 per service (2yd and 4yd only) for a maximum of 50 ft.

Commercial Dumpster Special Pick-ups

Services Per Week2 Cubic Yards4 Cubic Yards6 Cubic Yards8 Cubic Yards

Bulk Trash Rates - Trash which is not containerized.

up to 5 cu yds$57.131/4 load
5 to 10 cu yds
$114.261/2 load
10 to 15 cu yds$171.393/4 load
15 to 20 cu yds$228.52Full load
Automotive Tires$63.48 per pickupNot to exceed 4 tires.