Question: How would I find out what my property is zoned for?

Answer: You can simply go to the St. Lucie County Property Appraiser’s website listed below:


After accessing the Property Appraiser’s web site you may search by property owner’s name, address of the parcel or parcel #.

This information can also be found on the Fort Pierce zoning map.

Question: Where can I find information on the setbacks, maximum lot coverage, minimum roadway frontage, height or density allowed on my property?

Answer: This information can be found on the Planning Department’s website under Land Development Regulations or by clicking: https://www.municode.com/library/fl/fort_pierce

You may also call the Planning Department at (772) 467-3729 and ask for the Planner of the Day.

Question: I need a letter that confirms the Zoning on my property. What do I do?

Answer: A letter can be obtained from the Planning Department at City Hall. You may call (772) 467-3729 for the Planner of the Day to assist you.

Question: Do I need a permit to put up/replace a fence?

Answer: Yes, all fences and walls shall require a construction permit. Our Planning & Building Department staff will be happy to assist you with questions about the style of the fence or placement.

Question: What are overlay districts and does the basic zoning district apply to those areas?

Answer: Currently the city has two overlay districts- South Beach and the Downtown Business & Entertainment District. Overlay districts are special districts within the city that are designed to keep the general character of those areas by adding additional regulations & guidelines to the existing zoning regulations.