Flood Warning System

  1. A WATCH...
  2.  A WARNING...

is issued when hazardous weather conditions are possible for a given area.  Watches will define the potential hazards and the times in which severe weather may occur.

View our City of Fort Pierce Hurricane Tracker

There are multiple ways to receive warnings and alerts regarding disasters and severe weather affecting the local area. We recommend you register with:

The National Weather Service text and email alerts. To enroll visit https://www.weather.gov/wrn/wea.  

Alert St Lucie.  To enroll visit http://www.stlucieco.gov/departments-services/a-z/public-safety/disaster-preparedness 

For those without internet access, you may visit your local library to complete your registration.

Residents should be aware that St. Lucie county has an emergency Management Plan (EMP) that includes a number of warning systems, outline, which provide citizens with up to the minute information on impending storms or flood threats.  

Download theAtlantic Basin Hurricane Tracking Chart to track the storm.

St. Lucie County Emergency Operation Center (EOC) works with local communities, the National Weather Service, and the National Hurricane Center to Monitor flood and storm threats and advise the community accordingly.  The following stations service the St. Lucie area:

  • NOAA Weather Radio Frequency 162.400 MHz out of Belle Glade Weather Radio 
  • Police Scanner 
  • Tunable VHF Radio
  • any AM/FM band radio receiver          
    • WIRA- AM 1400      
    • WAVW- FM 92.7
    • WQCS- FM 88.9
    • SQOL- FM 103.7
    • WZZR- FM 101.7/94.3
    • WJNX- AM 1330
    • WGYL- FM 93.7
    • WPSL- AM 1590
  • TV Channels - West Palm Beach FL    
    • Channel 5 
    • Channel 12
    • Channel 25
    • Channel 29

Weather alert radios are a great way to stay informed in the event of severe weather watches and warnings in your area.  the NOAA weather radio can also serve as an emergency broadcast system in the event of catastrophic damage to the community.  In order for your weather radio to alert you to those conditions affecting your area, it is important to set the correct primary frequencies.  St. Luice County's frequency is 164.425 or Channel 2.  the Specific Are Message Encoding (SAME) code for St. Lucie County is 012111.

For programming assistance, call 772-462-8100.  Weather alert radios may be purchased wherever electronics are sold.