Commercial Collection & Services


The Solid Waste Division provides trash collection services to commercial businesses and multi-family residential communities. Dumpsters are services using Front-end loading vehicles, specially designed to pick up dumpsters.

For more information on cost and the specific type of trash collection service to best meet your needs, call the Public Works Department at (772) 467-3794 and ask to speak to a commercial account representative. We offer 2, 4, 6, and 8 cy containers and service our accounts six days a week. Container Sizes and Dimensions. Rates are based on the size and number of dumpsters as well as the frequency of service.

Collection Times - Commercial collection occurs between 4:30 AM and 3 PM (we cannot guarantee a set time). Keep in mind, that a driver may arrive earlier or later than normal on any given week.

Your container location must be approved by Solid Waste; any location changes must be performed by Solid Waste. To ensure collection, please have your container accessible before 4:30 AM on your designated collection day. This includes:

  • Opening gates, clearing the area of vehicles or other blockages
  • Removing waste, debris, and anything else required to make the container accessible for dumping.

Commercial Rules & Regulations - View the full listing.