Citizens Academy

The City of Fort Pierce is now accepting applications for the 2020 Citizens Academy. 

2020 Citizens Academy 

The City of Fort Pierce will host its eighth Citizens Academy beginning Thursday, February 27, 2020. Fort Pierce Citizens Academy is a free, six-week interactive civic and public information program that focuses on educating residents and business owners about the City of Fort Pierce’s governmental process. Department managers and city staff will lead unique and informative sessions designed to give citizens hands-on experience in city government operations.

Citizens Academy sessions will be held on Thursday evenings usually from 5:30-7:30pm at various locations throughout the city.

Participants will:

• Meet City Commissioners, department heads and staff

• Enjoy comprehensive overviews of departments and programs and services

• Discover the current status and future plans for City of Fort Pierce development, projects and other topics

• Learn how decisions are made and departments operate

• Participate in lively discussions and fun interactive activities

• Visit city facilities

• Become an informed, involved citizen

Light refreshments will be served at the beginning of each session. Registration is open to anyone aged 17 or older who lives, works, attends school or owns property in Fort Pierce.
Enrollment is on a first-come, first-served basis with an application deadline of Friday, February 21, 2020.

How do I apply?

Applications are available at City Hall (100 North US 1) or you can apply online. There is no fee to attend. For more information, please contact the City Manager’s Office at (772) 467-3031 or by email.

Citizens Academy Feedback

Session 1: At the Helm - City Commission, City Manager, City Attorney, City Clerk

  • “Enjoyed the history overview of Fort Pierce, along with the City Manager’s explanation of departments.”
  • “Great job on educating our community”
  • “The presentations were dynamic and I am excited to be involved. Loved it - Ready to learn!”
  • “This was a great intro to the City of Fort Pierce and some key players.”
  • “Shyanne is a very warm and excellent facilitator. All speakers were excellent!! Very good and understandable information.”
  • “Everyone managed to keep us informed and entertained – What a feat!!!”
  • “Mayor Hudson’s knowledge of local history is fascinating!”

Session 2: In Honor We Serve - Fort Pierce Police Department, St Lucie County Fire District

  • “Very complex subject. Great speakers and presentation.”
  • “Very informative – Love to know that the Police Department has a vision and are implementing it.”
  • “Great passion and experience demonstrated. PIO Officer is awesome and offered a great point on view, thank you!”
  • Very informative! The speakers were to the point and you can tell they are dedicated to what they do.”
  • “Fire Department was informative, interesting, comforting and assuring. Police was insightful and eye-opening. It is important to see the other side of the situation – reality check!”
  • “Great to hear the Chief speak. The team has plans to make positive changes and they sound like they can make a different. Loved the role play – makes you realize how hard the job is.”
  • “Excellent experience! I am so proud to be a part of this group. Learning about fire and police makes me feel safe. Deep respect!”

Session 3: Building for Tomorrow - Planning, Building, Engineering, Urban Redevelopment

  • “Everyone was knowledgeable. Great learning. Loved Paul and learning about the Building Department. Jack takes pride in his role and that is awesome!! Kori is thorough and credible – great job!”
  • “Kori was outstanding – very effective!! Great speaker!!”
  • “Very informative and exciting to hear about future projects!”
  • “It was good to learn about the building department. It was also cool to learn about the upcoming projects in Fort Pierce. Overall very interesting and I learned a lot. It was awesome to learn about Indian Hills Recreation Area, I haven’t been there year and I am eager to go!”
  • “So much going on in Fort Pierce. Plants cleaning water - Impressed!!!”
  • “Who knew storm-water could be so fascinating? I learned things about the building department that I didn’t know.”

Session 4: Foundation for our Future - Finance, Human Resources, Purchasing, Information Technology

  • “Finance Director was knowledgeable and engaging – IT Speaker was great!”
  • “Truly “people” people! Liked the personal touch!”
  • “Great that each department has an open door policy.”
  • “Relaxed session.”
  • “A wealth of information providing insight on what goes on behind the scenes. All presenters are willing to share information and comfortable presenting to the public.”

Session 5: Laying the Groundwork - Public Works, Code Enforcement, Animal Control

  • "The Code Enforcement Manager is a gem!"
  • "The Public Works Manager is well informed about what is going on and is ready to jump in and help out one of his staff who may have stumbled. The Fort Pierce Public Works should be proud of what they do and how they put their available resources to the best use. Well done."
  • "Very impressed with quality of presentations and fielding of class questions"
  • “Public Works - THEY ROCK!"
  • "Code - Thank goodness for them! Great job Peggy!"
  • "Outstanding on all parts"
  • "Gets better every week!!!!"
  • "Excellent information presented in an easy to understand manner. Hands on with city equipment was fun and interesting."
  • "Interesting to know how few code enforcement officers work in the city"
  • "Seeing the Public Works trucks was great - loved the demos!"

Session 6: Fun in Fort Pierce - Fort Pierce City Marina, Indian Hills Golf Course, Sunrise Theatre

  • “I liked learning more about the marina and golf course. It was nice to learn some history about the Sunrise Theatre.”
  • “Love this town!!!!”
  • “I loved the comment ‘come in by boat, go to the farmers’ market in the morning, play a round of golf in the afternoon and attend a show at the Sunrise in the evening!’ You have to LOVE Fort Pierce.”
  • “Good wrap up topic it was nice to hear the managers talk about their operations, you can tell they are very passionate about how their work is impacting the city.”
  • “Once again very excellent speakers and information>
  • “Very informative – I love learning new plans for the City.”

Overall Program Survey

  • I learned things that I didn’t know and I was born and raised here.
  • All of the presenters are so proud to be city employees and said they had an open door. That is how things get better everyone works together. Kudos to Mayor Hudson
  • Thank you to all involved especially Shyanne! She is very motivated and her enthusiasm is awesome. She did an awesome job and should continue to do these sessions.
  • I’m already on the move to help better our City because I love Fort Pierce.
  • Keep it going! This is a total gem!
  • My understanding of the City of Fort Pierce has changed because I was clueless about the many departments and how they operate and collaborate for this city.
  • I would recommend Citizens Academy to a friend because if you love your city, you should learn about it.
  • Shyanne Helms was outstanding – spreading her enthusiasm for the City – she is a sunrise herself.
  • I would recommend Citizens Academy to a friend so they can really see the love for our city in all the workers. People need to see that. The love spreads that way.
  • After Citizens Academy, I am so motivated – I love Fort Pierce.