TNVR - Community Cats

The City of Fort Pierce City Commission has adopted and implemented the Treasure Coast's first TNVR program and allow for "community cats".

TNVR stands for Trap, Neuter, Vaccinate and Return. Feral cats are trapped by one of our local volunteer organizations and taken to a local veterinarian. The cat is sterilized (either spayed or neutered), receives a rabies vaccination and is implanted with a microchip. While under anesthesia, the tip of the cat's ear is removed, which is call "ear-tipping", to readily identify that the cat has gone through the TNVR program.

Once a cat has visited the vet, volunteers from local organizations provide the immediate after care and once recovered, return the cat to its outdoor home, where it was originally trapped, to continue its normal life. 

If you are aware of a colony of cats or have stray cats in your neighborhood, please contact one of our local organizations for assistance to having them transition from a "stray cat" to a "community cat".

Community Cat Organizations

Community Cat Coalition 772-245-0577
Operation CatSnip 772-293-4621
United for Animals 772-979-4008