The City of Fort Pierce Adopt-a-Road program provides opportunities for individuals, businesses, clubs, and church organizations to adopt a one-half mile segment or more of city maintained roadway. Participants can help keep our city clean by simply agreeing to picking up litter and trash a minimum of six times a year. Not only is this a great opportunity for a little exercise but your organization will also receive recognition in the form of a sign located at the beginning and end of the segment of the roadway you maintain. 

Please help show your pride in the City of Fort Pierce and consider volunteering to help keep the roadsides litter free.

Program goals:

  • To Reduce litter along all City of Fort Pierce roadways
  • To keep the surrounding environment clean, including swales, canals, and storm water inlets.
  • To reduce litter by increasing public awareness

How to adopt a road?

  • Select a City road for adoption
  • Fill out an application
  • Once the application is approved, review the requirements and sign an Adopt-a-Road agreement.

What does the City of Fort Pierce provide?

  • A sign crediting the group or individual volunteering at the beginning and end of the roadway segment that is being maintained.
  • Trash bags, pick sticks and safety vests.
  • Litter bag removal after the organization places then near the edge of roadway. Please call the Parks & Grounds Division office at (772) 467-3821 when the bags are ready for removal.

Safety Policies and Tips:

  • Always wear furnished safety vests.
  • Park vehicles well off the right shoulder of the roadway.
  • Workers need to stay out of the traffic lanes and medians. Pick up trash in right-of-way only.
  • Leave small children and pets at home. Volunteers between the age of twelve and eighteen should be supervised. One adult supervisor for every five youths is required.
  • Keep filled trash bags off of roadway and in the shoulder area.
  • Work in daylight hours only.
  • Bring water for hot weather days.

For more information, please call Parks & Grounds at (772) 467-3821 or email Paul Bertram or Kaitlyn Ballard.