Disaster Debris Removal

We especially thank the residents and businesses for their patience during storm recovery. Debris generated from a hurricane is typically in the hundreds of tons and will take several weeks to collect.

Crews will work six days a week. We will start at Route 1. Then proceed to Route 2, etc. two full sweeps will be conducted to remove all storm debris.

Debris MUST be divided into separate piles: 

Vegetative Debris

  • Yard Waste-large tree limbs and branches (must be cut smaller than 6’ in length). Please do no bag yard waste
  • Yard Waste-smaller items such as leaves, plants, twig, etc. (use black container).
  • Failure to separate debris may delay collection

Construction & Demolition Debris

  • Such as drywall, lumber, furniture and carpet.

Household Trash & Recycling - Regular trash, black container and recycling will be serviced on normal collection days.

Residents should bring storm debris to the public right of way (curbside).

  • Place debris away from trees, poles, fence, low hanging wires or structures including fire hydrants, meters and mailboxes.
  • Debris should not block the sidewalk or roadway; this obstructs traffic and hinders cleanup.